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Host a party

Why host a party:

There are any number of reasons why people want to hold a party.

  1. To learn about the products in a safe and friendly environment.
  2. Get together with friends for a fun time.
  3. Earn free products, and gift vouchers.
  4. As a social get together for clubs, i.e. netball, volleyball, mum's group etc.
  5. Obtain gift vouchers for party bookings.
  6. Donate commissions to fundraising events.

What it takes:

  • Get a group of girls together who are interested in finding out about Adult products. ( We will supply you with the invitations you need.)
  • A good number is 8-10, so you may need to invite 10-12. There is always a lot of interest in finding out about the products.
  • Arrange for a few nibbles and drinks to be available, but as we wish you to enjoy the party as well, there is no need to go to any great lengths.
  • Confirm with your guests the day of the party or the day before.

Invitations (supplied).

It has proven to be a good idea that the hostess gives one of these to each and every guest attending the party. The invitations are structured so that anyone receiving one will be aware of the theme of the party they are attending. This avoids any embarrassment for guests and helps to ensure the people attending the party have an interest in finding out more about adult products.

It's that simple! Now sit back and have some fun, with your friends.

Hostess Rewards:

Earn 10% commission towards your own purchases on all sales.

Be rewarded with a $25.00 Gift Voucher for each future party booking taken and held. Any of your Guest's booking a party will also receive a $25.00 Gift Voucher for making a booking, to spend at their own party. So you each get a $25.00 gift Voucher to be spent at the up-coming party. If some of your friends cannot make it to your party, they may like to book a party of their own, you both still get a voucher each.

You and your friends will be rewarded with an exciting and fun evening.

You will also receive thanks from your friends and relatives, for a good time.

How does it work?

One of our agents will contact you and set a suitable time. She will ask you what it is you are looking for and may make a few suggestions to enhance the party.

On the evening of the party she will arrive, and set up her display of both toys and Lingerie. All she will require is a table or work surface to arrange her demonstration items on.

Once the guests have arrived she will quickly go through a small introduction, explaining about procedures, deposits, delivery etc. and will then pass out an order form to each guest. This allows the customers to follow her presentation and also mark on the order form any item they may wish to purchase or just ask a question about later. We suggest they mark any item that is of interest, as by the end of the presentation they may have forgotten the name of the item they were interested in.

The normal format of the presentation is to begin with some educational books, followed by lubricants and toys and to finish with the Lingerie. The time taken will depend on a number of things i.e. the number of guests and the number of question being asked etc. An average party will last approximately two and a half to three hours. If there is a time restraint just mention this to your agent and she will adjust accordingly.

At the end of the display the agent will answer any questions your guests may have, and then take orders and deposits. She will most likely sit down a little way from the display table, so as to allow guests to ask her any questions and complete their order in private. You will be asked to place any order that you require, then the agent can work out how much commission is due to you and any balance that is left.

We accept cash, Visa and Master card as well as cheques.

Delivery time is within 28 days, by Australia Post using their C.O.D. system. You will receive a hostess sheet from the agent, either that night or over the next couple of days, depending how much time she has left at the end of the party. This sheet will advise you of how much each guest owes and the deposits paid, and the approximate delivery date of the parcel. All you need to do then is collect any outstanding money from your guests prior to the delivery date. Australia Post will send you a card with the details regarding the amount of money required and that the parcel is awaiting collection. They will usually hold the parcel at your closest Post Office or outlet, to be collected. They will not be aware of what the parcel contains, or whom it has come from.

All your guests' items will be in separate bags, with the name of the guest on the outside. This way people can order in complete confidence and know that their order is personal.

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